Mammogram warns against cancer

Mammogram warns against cancer.

Often-conflicting results from studies on the value of part mammography have only fueled the moot about how often women should get a mammogram and at what majority they should start. In a remodelled enquiry of previous research, experts have applied the same statistical measure to four large studies and re-examined the results. They found that the benefits are more in keeping across the sturdy studies than previously thought dubai. All the studies showed a telling reduction in breast cancer deaths with mammography screening.

So "Women should be reassured that mammography is really effective," said burn the midnight oil researcher Robert Smith, chief president of cancer screening for the American Cancer Society. Smith is scheduled to alms the findings this week at the 2013 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium paraguaian cannabis oil. The findings also were published in the November son of the roll Breast Cancer Management.

In 2009, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), an unallied bunch of native experts, updated its counsel on mammography, advising women old 50 to 74 to get mammograms every two years, not annually.The categorize also advised women ancient 40 to 49 to hogwash to their doctors about benefits and harms, and decide on an solitary basis whether to start screening. Other organizations, including the American Cancer Society, persevere to interesting annual screening mammograms beginning at mature 40.

In assessing mammography's benefits and harms, researchers often overlook at the number of women who must be screened to frustrate one death from breast cancer - a compute that has ranged widely among studies. In assessing harms, experts seize into recital the possibility of false positives. Other achievable harms include finding a cancer that would not otherwise have been found on screening (and not been controversial in a woman's lifetime) and thirst associated with additional testing.

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