Tweets of 29th June


RT @DO_YOU_EVEN: After that much hugs.... I bet Floyd text Pac and be like "so what are we now?
06-29 22:17

RT @J_D_Landis: You are made of everyone who came before you and of no one but yourself.
06-29 22:16

Girls Mature #Faster Than Boys
06-29 22:14

By 2020 each Russian will receive the revolution. We, unlike some, carry out the promises. RKPB.
06-29 22:13

Protected routines pertaining to much better #health and #fitness. vito viga
06-29 22:12

Season 17, Ep. 3 | Aired Jun 28. Posted June 28 2015 — 11:42 PM EDT. The houseguests have been introduced, beds
06-29 22:11

RT @hijayupi: #Cancer #Cells Can #Treat Tumors
06-29 22:09



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