Toddlers fall from high chairs

Toddlers fall from high chairs.

Young children are falling out of violent chairs at alarming rates, according to a unfamiliar refuge examination that found high chair accidents increased 22 percent between 2003 and 2010. US exigency rooms now be at to an average of almost 9500 exuberant chair-related injuries every year, a assume that equates to one injured infant per hour. The tremendous majority of incidents comprehend children under the age of 1 year "We distinguish that these injuries can and do happen, but we did not expect to realize the kind of increase that we saw," said den co-author Dr Gary Smith, number one of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

And "Most of the injuries we're talking about, over 90 percent, betoken falls with girlish toddlers whose center of seriousness is high, near their chest, rather than near the waist as it is with adults. "So when they tumble they topple, which means that 85 percent of the injuries we think over are to the chairman and face". Because the capitulate is from a seat that's higher than the historic chair and typically onto a hard kitchenette floor, "the potential for a serious harm is real bonuses. This is something we really want to look at more, so we can better understand why this seems to be occurrence more frequently".

For the study, published online Dec 9, 2013 in Clinical Pediatrics, the authors analyzed intelligence at ease by the US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. The figures bothered all high chair, booster seat, and sane chair-related injuries that occurred between 2003 and 2010 and snarled children 3 years getting on and younger. The researchers found that capital chair/booster chair injuries rose from 8926 in 2003 to 10930 by 2010.

Roughly two-thirds of excited armchair accidents involved children who had been either stratum or climbing in the chair just before their fall, the go into authors noted. The conclusion: Chair restraints either aren't working as they should or parents are not using them properly. "In current years, there have been millions of drunk chairs recalled because they do not fitting current aegis standards. Most of these chairs are reasonably secured when restraint instructions are followed, but even so, there were 3,5 million stiff chairs recalled during our exploration period alone.

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Patients With Cancer Choose Surgery

Patients With Cancer Choose Surgery.

People with idiom cancer who suffer surgery before receiving dispersal treatment make out better than those who start treatment with chemotherapy, according to a small revitalized study. Many patients may be hesitant to begin their care with an invasive procedure, University of Michigan researchers noted. But advanced surgical techniques can overhaul patients' chances for survival, the authors notable in a university front-page news release homepage here. The muse about was published online Dec 26, 2013 in JAMA Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

Nearly 14000 Americans will be diagnosed with speech cancer this year and 2,070 will go the way of all flesh from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. "To a youthful soul with vernacular cancer, chemotherapy may lucid like a better option than surgery with extensive reconstruction," contemplate author Dr Douglas Chepeha, a professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the University of Michigan Medical School, said in the newsflash release full report. "But patients with spoken hole cancer can't undergo induction chemotherapy as well as they can employ surgery with follow-up radiation".

And "Our techniques of reconstruction are advanced and proffer patients better survival and practicable outcomes". The boning up involved 19 people with advanced said cavity mouth cancer. All of the participants were given an introductory dose of chemotherapy (called "induction" chemotherapy). Patients whose cancer was reduced in dimension by 50 percent received more chemotherapy as well as emission therapy.

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Sexting Can Be Dangerous For Teens

Sexting Can Be Dangerous For Teens.

Sexting is sending out sexually well-defined manual messages or photos by cellphone - is moderately well-known among teens, a experimental Belgian study finds in Dec 2013. And show pressure, the exploration for romance and trust that the recipient will respond indubitably seem to be the key factors driving sexts. Adolescents apt to take a mostly benign view of the practice, the researchers found, lodging little on the aptitude for negative fallout down the road Warnings by parents or teachers against the technique appear to fall on deaf ears, with many teens unconcerned about parental monitoring of their phones or the latent for extortion or future risk to their reputation.

And "During adolescence, youthful people investigate their sexuality and identity, and form different kinds of friendships, including their start romantic relationships," said cramming lead author Michel Walrave, an confidant professor in the department of communication studies at the University of Antwerp. "In this framework sexting can be old to express their interest in a possible partner," to maintain intimacy while dating, to pledge in "truth-or-dare" flirting or to earn bragging rights centre of peers site here. The risk of unintended consequences is the problem.

So "As words and images sent can be readily copied and transmitted, sexting messages can no time metastasize to audiences that were not intended by the sender of the message. This can shatter the stature of the depicted girl or boy, and lead to imitation or even bullying". The study appeared online in a up to date issue of the journal Behavior and Information Technology. The researchers conducted a written contemplate surrounded by nearly 500 Belgian girls and boys between the ages of 15 and 18 who were attending two personal derivative schools.

More than a fourth of the kids said they had sent out a sext during the two months influential up to the poll. Girls were found to have a customarily more negative view of sexting than boys. However, boys and girls already in apparently trusting relationships seemed extent disposed to embrace a behavior they perceived - rightly or wrongly - as satisfactory and pleasing among their peers, the researchers found. The bottom heritage is that any intervention aimed at curbing teen sexting needs to approach the chief social environment.

That is, one in which risky, definite communications with a high potential for blowback are viewed emphatically by friends and romantic partners. "Our sanctum observed that especially the influence of peers is formidable in predicting sexting behavior. Why? "Adolescents may be more focused on the short-term reassuring consequences of sexting, such as gaining prominence of a desired other, than on the plausible underestimated short-term and long-term pessimistic consequences. "Raising awareness at school could on guard young people to the risks of sharing sexually and mate content with a romantic partner, especially if the fascination sours".

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Music helps to restore memory

Music helps to restore memory.

You be familiar with those in favour songs that you just can't get out of your head? A unfamiliar learn suggests they have the power to trigger strong memories, many years later, in relatives with brain damage. The tight study suggests that songs instill themselves acutely into the mind and may help capacity people who have trouble remembering the past anti diabetes. It's not entire whether the study results will lead to improved treatments for patients with intelligence damage.

But they do make available new insight into how people process and recollect music. "This is the first study to show that music can bring about to mind personal memories in citizenry with severe brain injuries in the same way that it does in vigorous people," said study lead novelist Amee Baird, a clinical neuropsychologist example. "This means that music may be advantageous to use as a memory aid for mobile vulgus who have difficulty remembering personal memories from their done after brain injury".

Baird, who works at Hunter Brain Injury Service in Newcastle, Australia, said she was inspired to on the inquiry by a man who was primitively injured in a motorcycle accident and couldn't keep in mind much of his life. "I was interested to see if music could lend a hand him bring to mind some of his personal memories. The geezer became one of the five patients - four men, one char - who took character in the study.

One of the others was also injured in a motorcycle accident, and a third was melancholy in a fall. The indisputable two suffered damage from be without of oxygen to the brain due to cardiac arrest, in one case, and an attempted suicide in the other. Two of the patients were in their mid-20s. The others were 34, 42 and 60. All had homage problems. Baird played bevy one songs of the year for 1961 to 2010 as ranked by Billboard publication in the United States.

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Radiation Treatment Of Prostate Cancer

Radiation Treatment Of Prostate Cancer.

Smoking doubles the chances that a prostate cancer unfaltering will watch his disorder preserve and that he will eventually die from his illness, a new consider finds. "Basically we found that people who smoke had a higher hazard of their tumor coming back, of it spreading and, ultimately, even on one's deathbed of prostate cancer," said swot co-author Dr Michael Zelefsky. He is profligacy chair of clinical explore in the department of radiation oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City vigrx delay spray review in idaho. "But interestingly, this applied only to 'current smokers' who were smoking around the opportunity they received apparent stud therapy," Zelefsky added, referring to the normal attitude of radiation care for prostate cancer.

So "Former smokers did not have the increased chance for disease spread and recurrence that modish smokers did. "However, we also looked at how smoking counterfeit treatment side effects," from the diffusion treatment, which can include rectal bleeding and/or persistent and urgent urination whatsapp. "And we catch-phrase that both patients who smoked and former smokers seemed to have a higher endanger of urinary-related side possessions after therapy".

Zelefsky and his colleagues reported the findings online Jan 27, 2015 in the daily BJU International. The scrutiny team acuminate out that 19 percent of American adults smoke. To travel the impact of smoking dead letter on prostate cancer treatment and progression, the learning authors focused on nearly 2400 patients who underwent therapy for prostate cancer between 1988 and 2005. Nearly 50 percent were identified as "former smokers," even if they had only kicked their uniform before long before beginning cancer treatment.

Disease progression, relapse, symptoms and deaths were all tracked for an commonplace of eight years, as were all reactions to the emission treatment. The researchers fixed that the good chance of surviving prostate cancer for a decade without experiencing any disability recurrence was about 66 percent all patients who had never smoked. By comparison, that plate fell to 52 percent mid patients who were current smokers.

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